- None recorded

- The Drunken Fools - You can't outdrink Canadians... especially not when they are DRUNKEN FOOLS! 03-09-2010
- Capes-N-Babes - Capes-N-Babes? No, here we are having CAKES and Babes... much more delicious! 21-09-2010
- Scapula - Who could have guessed that the kid Jeff mocked would turn into... Scapula!? Gueststrip06-07-2010
- Pinkerton - Having Buckley, Steve, Tucker & Martin the Moose show up ensures a job at the Zoo for Jeff! 18-10-2010

1977 cameos/references can be found in:
- Times Like This - Bethany sure knew how to gain weed from almost nothing back in 1977! 17-10-2008
- Legend of Bill - Well, what can you say? At least Lorraine's shirt is more covering than some of the costumes! 07-01-2010
- Times Like This - Meh, Bud should never have given up his Star Wars Trailers because of... oh, who am I kidding? 12-12-2011

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