21st Century Fox
21st Century Fox

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- A Domain of Our Own - Susan and Eric have woken up by the firealarm but smells no smoke at all? 05-10-1999
- Kevin & Kell - Looks like Kevin and Kell had some roleplay going on when the alarm went off! 05-10-1999
- S.S.D.D - Yeah, when suddenly the firealarm goes off and you are interrupted... blame Norman! 05-10-1999
- The Whiteboard - Seems like Doc put his toes down for this tank joining! 26-09-2003
- Freefall - One of the outfits offered Jenny, must have been made by the same who did Sam Starfalls! 27-01-2006
- Freefall - Looks like a future model of Helix who is pushing the carts along there! 17-03-2014
- Freefall - The Future Helix Model rocks to the music provided by the stellar R2D2 unit! 12-10-2015

21st Century Fox cameos/references can be found in:
- Freefall - 21st Century Fox proudly presents... Cecil and Jack! 05-02-2001
- Suburban Jungle - It looks like it might be Jenny Curtis who is manning the control bridge! Gueststrip30-07-2002
- The Whiteboard - Jack Black is doing a last check-up on his... optimized paintball-weapon! 01-09-2003
- Freefall - Looks like the Museum also features an exhibit with Tunnel Boring Machine 007 ! 22-04-2005
- Cross Time Cafe - In the 21st Century Fox, ice cream is not asked for, its demanded! 11-04-2009
- Carry On - From out of the blue, Beth Regina has a hair picked out of her mane! 29-05-2013
- Freefall - Jack Black stands among the crowd after the chase, looking a bit... confused? 01-04-2019

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