2s A Company
2s A Company

- None recorded

- Ozy & Millie - And then, finally, we get to see what happens when Ozy's hat is removed! 22-02-2007
- Woods For The Trees - The question about being dressed or naked is all in the fine print of the comic! Gueststrip08-04-2008

2's A Company cameos/references can be found in:
- Life & Death - The party in Steve's dream just couldn't go without representation from 2's a Company! 12-08-2007
- Antcomics - Swinging to the tunes of the antmusic, Andy is having a great partytime! 21-11-2007
- Frank and Vinny - Mr. Goldstein is the "lucky" one to become part of the demonstration! 06-02-2008

"Priest_Revan" cameos/references:
- Zorphbert & Fred - The 100th strip of Z&F is dedicated to the readers, and Priest_Revan is among them! 18-09-2007

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