2nd Shift
2nd Shift

- None recorded

- Save Hiatus - On Az's bedroom wall we find a prominently placed Save Hiatus poster! Page 02
- The Flowfield Unity - If you want to conceal something, Flowfield Unity's cover is nifty to have at hand! Page 10
- The DADA Detective - Zoe gets up to get Monique Monique's autograph... but where exactly does she get it? Page 13
- Multiplex - Going to the movies, Jason take tickets and Angie seels the popcorns! 11-12-2008
- Salt the Holly - Looks like one of the latest STH strips was great enough to come up at an art exhibition! 20-01-2009

2nd Shift cameos/references can be found in:
- Salt the Holly - Az, KC, and Zoe break through! Zombies they are, hunting for brains in the Mall! 24-10-2008
- The Apple of Discord - Az and Zoe gets send Dr. Hubris' latest invention... as if we need any more Az's around! 09-01-2009
- The Apple of Discord - Delta reassures DeeDee that they are perfectly safe from the archer... but are they? 27-03-2009

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