3 Finger Salute
3 Finger Salute

- None recorded

- Testicle the Barbarian - I don't know if chicks do dig the hat, but Testicle...! 28-03-2001
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Chex and Vaporware give advice on what makes a webcomic good! 13-08-2001
- Little Gamers - Christian and Madsen think a good webcomic should be with games and pr0n! 14-08-2001
- Sinfest - Slick with Monique tells what a good webcomic needs... sex! sex! and more sex! 15-08-2001
- Diesel Sweeties - Clango is of the opinion that computers and few pixels make the best webcomics! 16-08-2001
- Penny Arcade - Figures... what Gabe and Tycho really wants from a good webcomic... is wang! 17-08-2001
- Lethal Doses - That's right... always update on time... the folks from Lethal Doses has spoken! 18-08-2001
- Testicle the Barbarian - Testicle gives both the answer and actual action to the survey! 19-08-2001

3 Finger Salute cameos/references can be found in:
- Little Gamers - Together Christian and Madsen gives the 3 finger salute to thank for an appearence! 15-08-2001
- Little Gamers - Now why would a 3 Finger Salute visit be taken for Marcus' prostitute shipment? 24-09-2001
- Better Than Cheeses - From the Afterlife, Praetorian still looks worried about Thanatos unleashing his full power! Strip 876

Praet0rian and Dillinger cameos/references:
- Better Than Cheeses - Praet0rian and Dillinger are hanging out at the party, seemingly enjoying it! Strip 127

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