- None recorded

- It's Walky! - In memory of Dina, her death brought tears to many a reader... and Lau! 19-07-2003
- Shortpacked! - Mike came back from death and gave a helping knee! 12-02-2005

AaaSoC cameos/references can be found in:
- Dog and Pony - Little, purple and fiendish... yes, that's Clampton Dwarf all right! 22-06-2005
- Coiling Spine - Mel (blond hair and hat) draws a gun against Kadeo's illegal use of train for robbery! 01-10-2005
- Coiling Spine - In the front line Damian has dressed up as Ratsup for Trick & Treat at Hallowen! 31-10-2005
- Coiling Spine - You can take Mel and put her in a Christmas-costume, but you can't remove her hat! Archived locally25-12-2005
- Evil Overlords United - Its barely viewable, but it IS AaaSoC being watched on the Overlords' screen! 06-06-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Atlantis - Robert Slater is the tough member of the Resistance in the middle panel to the right! 04-02-2005
- Dog and Pony - Aki, the tech-girl of the Resistance is none other than D&P's Caitlin Woods! 07-02-2005

Hogan's Notes:

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