- None recorded

- The Devil's Panties - Yes, apologies to DP... We HAVE seen that before, though it's still funny! 19-01-2005
- PvP Online - Well, if you HAVE to enter a feud in webcomicking, why not with PvP? 04-07-2004
- Penny Arcade - Okay, he may be right, Penny Arcade IS a big mouthfull in a webcomic feud! 08-07-2004
- Sluggy Freelance - For a newly started webcomic, picking a feud against Sluggy Freelance may be too much of a task! 08-07-2004
- White Ninja - They way of making a pirate... is it the same way done in White Ninja? 21-08-2004
- The Repository of Dangerous Things - Be careful with what comes from RoDT! Even dolls and pencils! 18-08-2004
- Schlock Mercenary - Just because a Recap works in Schlock Mercenary, it isn't a universal good idea! 11-02-2006
- Evil Wenches Inc. - Making a parody comic of Evil Wenches MAY not be so safe after all...! 11-02-2006
- Jesus And The Man - Jesus and the Man... Brick he is called, looks at friends and love! 11-02-2006
- Kismetropolis - A homage to Kismetropolis which celebrated its one year anniversary! 28-02-2006

AACMAW cameos/references can be found in:
- The KAMics - Brick obviously took part in a bet... but played on the wrong horse... 04-04-2005

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Pinky TA - Using the webcomic-force, Ozoneocean summons Brick back to work on his comic! 12-01-2006

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