Absurd Notions
Absurd Notions

- General Protection Fault - Darren and Fooker are put under intervention for Linux-habits! Starting 11-06-2001

- Freefall - Surprisingly enough, "Cap't" Biff decides to forgo the "Great" deal that Sam offers him for his cargo! 13-09-2003

Absurd Notions cameos/references can be found in:
- Project Zebula - Jay is not so successfull in his pranks, so Cat loans him the heavy artillery! 18-04-2000
- Project Zebula - Cat and Warren seems to have worked together against Jay in the prank-business! 09-05-2000
- 1/0 - A comically crushed skull can not be fixed by doctors in a realistic strip... right! 13-09-2000
- Freefall - Biff is sitting in the front row of the cinema... and right in the line of fire! 31-01-2001
- Slapdash - Warren comes by with a package for delivery! 04-05-2001
- Blotto Street - Warren waits impatiently in the in for checking webcomic in the Computer Lab! WCA 05-05-2001
- Zwol - If you want a real pizza, you got to order one at Pythagoras Pizza! 27-10-2001
- Mental Health - Biff introduces himself... and immediately finds a new friend after Warren goes down! 13-02-2002
- Nukees - Warren is the one to get specialty options assigned after Nukee ! 04-10-2002
- General Protection Fault - Nick takes on a new character... and it's of Absurd Notions! Gueststrip16-11-2005
- Tailsteak - Right he is! Pythagoras' is very precise when it comes to special orders from customers! Strip 90
- Dada - Third strip... the clerk is learning the difficult art of how to draw Biff! Week 102

Kevin Pease cameos/references:
- The Class Menagerie - A certain jackass in the telemarketing department is also know as Kevin Pease! 06-08-2001

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