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Achewood cameos/references can be found in:
- Plugged Nickel - Scott Hatcher is digging it as Ray Smuckles for Halloween, aaaaaaall the way! 31-10-2004
- Radioactive Panda - A hidden puppeteer brings references to Achewood into the stringed play! 20-03-2006
- xkcd - Yes, there's food for a certain dogs thoughts... and drop the speedo! 14-08-2006
- Alma Mater - On the wall to the right we find an "What we need more of is science" poster! 02-02-2007
- Scary Go Round - A small doll resembling Philippe can be found in the back of the top shelf! 04-04-2007
- Busybee Comics - A restaurant named Cassandra which serves a good Cilantro-Ape Ceviche? Hmm... ! 11-04-2007
- Gunnerkrigg Court - Roast Beef and Ray have become a part of Zimmy's happy world as plushies! 10-10-2008
- Cat and Girl - Looks like you can have anything at the Steak House... like in Achewood! Strip 562
- Rice Boy - In the last panel we see, reflected in the occular, what looks like Ray! Chap 3, page 18

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