Across Your Shattered Sky
Across Your Shattered Sky

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- Ring Spell - Zombie Lyall will eat your face if you are a nameless extra in a movie! 20-07-2021
- Ring Spell - Lyall in her female form looks to be, together with Damon, out for a picnic with friends! 03-12-2021
- MEAU! - When the weather is good, Haku & Nadia meets up with their friends for a picnic! 03-12-2021
- MEAU! - The Elves of this word is represented by Alenna in this short beastiary! 31-01-2022
- Birbs & Dragons - If you need to illustrate a furious Dragon, Dragon is good one to base it on! 31-01-2022
- I Don't Like Fangirls - Hoon and Erin are send to get Kyo but cant help asking if he's actually allright! 31-08-2022
- Beautiful Days - So, the monster of Green Scarf eats naughty children like Lucus and Jesse? Good to know! 31-08-2022
- Lycoris Rising - Rowan and Meiyuka hangs out at the bar, enojying a good drink and some nice chatter! 31-10-2022
- Future Agents - Poor Clyde gets beaten up by the gang apparently just because he is wearing glasses! 01-12-2022
- Latera - Samantha seems to be a member of the gang that likes beating up people and kids for fun! 01-12-2022
- Stray Memory - Untouched Miho watches as the gang brings in their latest victims! 01-12-2022
- Beautiful Days - Rough and russled, Kenji fits nicely in with this violent gang! 01-12-2022
- Double the Soul - Looks like Chris left his soul at the doorstep when he joined this gang! 01-12-2022
- Arindia no Densetsu - Dark and silent, Yamira has joined the rank of the young violent thugs! 01-12-2022
- False Destiny - Kids being brought in for trespassing matters not to gangmember Savanah! 01-12-2022

Across Your Shattered Sky cameos/references can be found in:
- Aurora - Aoife takes charge in the preparations for Aurora's bath! 17-01-2021
- Sunrise Blossom - Aoife streaks to attack with her teammates to cause some justice! 25-02-2021
- The Chevalier - Among the students walking the high school grounds we spot a familiar face! 02-07-2021
- MEAU! - Kyo and Sora are working the bookstore, so let them know if you need help! 11-07-2021
- The Uncaped Legion - A dimensional portal leads two ways... one way to teach at academy, another way to do a prank! 04-09-2022
- Reyn: Angel of Freedom - Aoifi quietly walks the marketplace, obviously enjoying checking out the wares! 23-05-2022
- Loving Wings - Kyo & Sora walks by the local Burger Angel, talking and enjoying the weather! 20-06-2022
- MEAU! - Kyo's father Lesyrd takes his job as a bartender seriously when he gets worried about a customer! 26-03-2022
- Double the Soul - Sora and Aoife just wanted to meet the new guy... and it went as bad as expected! 19-08-2022
- Broken Beats - This appearance should dispel any doubts that Elizabeth is not a Suddenly Found fan! 13-01-2023
- No Strings - Looks like both Sora and Aoife have found a student job here at the hospital! 03-02-2023
- The Fantasy Book Club - Sora seems to be having an animated conversation in the libray! 01-04-2023
- Broken Beats - Kyo has shown up to see Ray perform at the Suddenly Found concert! 15-07-2023

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