Across Your Shattered Sky
Across Your Shattered Sky

- None recorded

- Ring Spell - Zombie Lyall will eat your face if you are a nameless extra in a movie! 20-07-2021
- Ring Spell - Lyall in her female form looks to be, together with Damon, out for a picnic with friends! 03-12-2021
- MEAU! - When the weather is good, Haku & Nadia meets up with their friends for a picnic! 03-12-2021
- MEAU! - The Elves of this word is represented by Alenna in this short beastiary! 31-01-2022
- Birbs & Dragons - If you need to illustrate a furious Dragon, Dragon is good one to base it on! 31-01-2022
- I Don't Like Fangirls - Hoon and Erin are send to get Kyo but cant help asking if he's actually allright! 31-08-2022
- Beautiful Days - So, the monster of Green Scarf eats naughty children like Lucus and Jesse? Good to know! 31-08-2022

Across Your Shattered Sky cameos/references can be found in:
- Sunrise Blossom - Aoife streaks to attack with her teammates to cause some justice! 25-02-2021
- Loving Wings - Kyo & Sora walks by the local Burger Angel, talking and enjoying the weather! 20-06-2022
- Double the Soul - Sora and Aoife just wanted to meet the new guy... and it went as bad as expected! 19-08-2022

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