Action Porn
Action Porn
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- None recorded

- Shades of Burgundy - Looks like Shades of Burgundy has finally gotten a prober burial! Archived locally12-09-2006

Action Porn cameos/references can be found in:
- A call to destiny - Looks like Ragmorshaga has put on her newest mega-size Action Porn Shirt! MA content warning!02-12-2006
- The Volet - Being drawn in Action Porn... is that a punishment or a reward? 14-12-2006
- M. Organ Art - A casette with the newest episode of Action Porn is what shows up! MA content warning!17-08-2009

CJ Burgandy cameos/references:
- Elf Only Inn - As the unique Pink Cavalier, CJ listens with interest to Barbivines speech! 24-01-2007

Hogan's Notes:

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