Ada Lee Comes On!
Ada Lee Comes On!

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- Pictures of You - Looks like Lisette is just shelving the Pictures of you Book... before its even out! 13-02-2011
- Fishtits - The books of Fishtits has now become so popular that it can be found in your local bookstore! 16-04-2011
- Pictures of You - Looks like Ada has Picture of You... Herself, hangin on the wall! 30-04-2011
- Fishtits - One Fishtits-mug with steaming tea can be found at hand on Ada's desk! 30-04-2011
- Anfänge - The poster for Anfänge is more of a loveletter... and an excellent one that is! 30-04-2011
- Chelsea and Kitty - Wonder who scribbles the Chelsea+Kitty inscription into Ada's desk? 30-04-2011
- Chelsea and Kitty - That's a pretty cute Chelsea & Kitty drawing somebody have put up in the bookstore! 22-05-2011
- Pictures of You - Ada is relaxing during the interview with her "Picture of You"-mug! 11-06-2011
- Tiny Pink Robots - Tiny Pink Robots have suddenly become the logo on the mug in Ada's hand! 11-06-2011
- Fishtits - Suddenly she stands with a "Fishtits"-mug in her hand, but Ada doesn't notice! 11-06-2011
- Anfänge - New panel, and suddenly Ada's mug of coffee becomes one with an "Anfänge"-advertising! 11-06-2011
- Chelsea and Kitty - Chelsea and Kitty are seen everywhere, and now suddenly also on Ada's coffeemug! 11-06-2011
- Heard - Yes, we Heard it, but we also saw it suddenly on Ada's mug of coffeee...! 11-06-2011
- My Life With Fel - My Life With Fel has now become a mug of coffee in Ada's hand! 11-06-2011
- The End - The mug says "The End", but as far as I can see there's plenty of coffee in it? 11-06-2011
- Plume - From panel to panel the writing on the mug shifts, now it says "Plume"! 11-06-2011
- Stabilizer - For the first time with some color, the writing on Ada's mug now says "Stabilizer"! 11-06-2011
- Frobert the Demon - Frobert the Demon did get some advertising done one Ada's everchanging mug! 11-06-2011
- Mokepon - Last panel... and now suddenly Ada's mug says "Mokepon"! Interesting...! 11-06-2011
- Eon - A short text, but it says it all... Ada's coffeemug now sports an "EON"-inscription! 11-06-2011
- Who takes out the garbage? - Ada's everchanging mug of coffee now sports a Wctog-advertising! 11-06-2011
- One Bird - Wonder if it was to save room, but "One Bird" now occupies half of Ada's mug! 11-06-2011
- Two Stones - Half of the text appearing on Ada's mug now sports "Two Stones"! 11-06-2011
- Question Duck - Just before it goes blank, Ada's mug can be seen to spot a "Question Duck"-advertising! 11-06-2011
- Mokepon - The game for Ada's ancient GameBoy Pocket actually reads Mokepon Red! 05-10-2011
- Chelsea and Kitty - Didn't know that Ada had one of the rare and treasured Chelsea and Kitty-wallets? 09-06-2012
- Heard - So, Romy and Hannah are ALSO hanging out in the restroom Ada and her girl visits? 27-06-2012
- Anfänge - In the background we have Lila and Emil doing their part as tourists in Center City Philadelphia! 16-01-2013

Ada Lee cameos/references can be found in:
- Pictures of You - Seems like Ada Lee has accepted the invitation and showed up for the party after the show! 03-06-2011
- Anfänge - Among the people walking past in the background we spot none other than Ada Lee... in a suit? 08-06-2011

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Pictures of You - Gibson Twist gets to ask Ada about what drove her into writing! 24-03-2011
- Tiny Pink Robots - The long awaited sequel of Rori's, "Giant Red Cyborgs" seems to have been in the latest shipment! 24-05-2011
- Pictures of You - According to the shippinglist, Gibson Twist's newest book "Drink More Whiskey" has arrived! 24-05-2011

Jack Munroe cameos/references:
- Pictures of You - When you get a group of people to flip you the finger, Jack will be among them! 23-11-2012

Hogan's Notes:

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