- RPG World - Two unlikely, and yet much alike, groups of heroes meet at the inn! Starting 11-06-2001

- Melonpool - Ralph Zinobop is a spectator to the duel at the Evil University! #210
- RPG World - Galgarion did also study at the Evil University... and watched duels! #210
- Living in Greytown - One can wonder if Phil was studying at Evil University or giving lectures? #210
- RPG World - Hero qualifies as a long-haired hero... and he even brought Cherry with him! 19-10-2001
- RPG World - Indeed Karn was a hero, but since the name of Hero was already taken...! 21-08-2006
- Antihero for Hire - And in the end it turns out that it was Wrench who was playing the latest remake! 09-10-2006

Adventurers! cameos/references can be found in:
- RPG World - In the streets of "Cameotown", we find Ardam sulking around! 14-01-2001
- Chaos Inc. - Khrima and his hair is taking up room in the front row of the evil jury! 20-01-2001
- Comicollage - Yes, perhaps he would have been better off with the cameo in Adventurers! 23-02-2001
- The DOOM Army - In an unknown random inn, Karn meet up with other would-be worldsaving heroes! 30-05-2002
- The DOOM Army - Gildward's hat is obviously counted among the Hats of Doom Dilrem wears! 24-07-2002
- RPG World - Khrima is walking the hallway of the University of Evil... looking for his classroom? 13-09-2002
- Treasure Hunters - Figures that we would find Ardam and Karn at a table in the inn! 31-12-2002
- Treasure Hunters - The lessons must have felt like hours for Khrima back when he studied with Silver! 15-02-2003
- The Nameless Story - Where people gather from many places, there will Lumi also be! 18-12-2003
- The Nameless Story - Karn and Eternion watch the awesome power of a forbidden spell cast by Gammy! 22-02-2004
- Antihero for Hire - Wrench is a confirmed fan of Adventurers, and she has an Ardam poster on her wall! 03-11-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Obviously Spybot didn't manage to get clear when Adventurers! ended! 28-06-2007
- Antihero for Hire - Looks like one of Khrima's now unemployed soldiers has been hired by others...! 09-11-2007
- P.S.I. - Looks like Spybot went straight from his comic ending and into EO-prison! 02-01-2008
- Evil Overlords United - Zworgue spots shadows from Adventurerers!'s-dimension, and soon he will pass through! 25-07-2009
- Deathworld - Evil Death Spybot 5000 is shined up and ready for the Killbot convention! Strip 268

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