American Gothic
American Gothic

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- Decypher - Looks like Joe is doing a little cash on the side, waitering at Wolf Lodge #32! 30-01-2007
- Lightbringer - Chief Eddie Crane gets the honor of taking Millia up for a dance! 05-02-2007
- Innocent Blood - Even though he is one tall blond mystery, Jared gets the next dance with Millia! 06-02-2007
- Angst Is a Five Letter Word - Josh steps in to present himself, with Chang hovering nearby! 07-02-2007
- Ataraxia Theatre - Marc Leons, aka. the Beer Wolf, has brought the frat party with them to the Lodge! 08-02-2007
- AntiBunny - Hmm... yes, one can wonder what Agent Wesson is doing in the Secret City of Oak Ridge? 02-04-2007

American Gothic cameos/references can be found in:
- CameoComic - So this is the place Luke was originally buried? Strange, but the tombstone says so! 24-04-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- My Underworld - Cop Tynan shows the way... before his bum gets IN the way! 27-03-2007

Aggie "Gothia" Janicot cameos/references:
- AntiBunny - Gothia's cute bunny avatar has been put to work, seeking through the rubble! 22-02-2007
- Magical Misfits - Aggie's Lioness avatar has taken the day off to participate in the 600 strip celebration! 05-10-2007
- The KAMics - Always eager for a good show, Aggie want to see some flaming action added! 01-08-2008
- Magical Misfits - As her own self this time, Aggie is visiting to make a party out of Dark Eyes' Shower Party! 11-03-2009
- Karabear Comics Unltd. - Aggie takes draws blood in her interrogation of Tempore during the Crossover Wars! 15-06-2012

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