- None recorded

- Bigger Than Cheeses - A momentary cast member is introduced, wearing a BTC shirt!! 08-07-2002
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Looks like someone is spending time reading Bigger Than Cheeses on the PC! 25-09-2002

Aikida cameos/references can be found in:
- Cube 30 - Yep, Aikida is a great webcomic to read... and not only because it has girls! 09-09-2004
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Some of the people from Aikida have apparently been spotted by Thanatos in the crowd! Strip 121
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Mick has a few comments about the BTC backgrounds... but they strike back! GueststripStrip 197
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Aikida has gotten a prime spot in the Afterlife from which to see Thanatos unleash his full fury! Strip 876

Hogan's Notes:

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