- None recorded

- None recorded

Allan cameos/references can be found in:
- NewGirl - Allan can hardly stand still, so exited is he over NewGirl's 50 strip celebration! 09-07-2007
- Salt the Holly - After the wine has been spilled, Allan is send in to clear up the mess! 13-05-2008
- Charby the Vampirate - Allan walks comfortably around in the background, unnerved by the strange beings! 19-03-2009
- GG-guys - Typical, for his own guest comic, Allan is beaten up but the hamburglar escapes! 29-03-2009

"Allan" cameos/references:
- Dribble For Kids - Allan bursts from Nick's TV to get his help to save Nick's own website! Gueststrip04-07-2008
- Death By Bunny - Allan gets to play a nice game with Bunny... or played as a nice game by Bunny? 24-08-2009

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