All New Issues
All New Issues

- None recorded

- Girls with Slingshots - Getting catnews from her aunt, Robyn gets disturbing thoughts and rushes to the rescue! 09-09-2010
- Girls with Slingshots - Jason and Robyn hitch a cabride home with none other than Zach! 15-02-2011

All New Issues cameos/references can be found in:
- Girls with Slingshots - Heeey! Isn't that Robyn who is hanging around at Hazel's christmas party? 21-12-2009
- Girls with Slingshots - Robyn makes a surprise visit at Hazel, stopping by to "save" a little kitten? 06-10-2010
- Capes-N-Babes - Jason makes a call to Marc to complain about a prank Roy pulled earlier! 17-05-2013

Hogan's Notes:

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