Almighty Protectors
Almighty Protectors

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- Misfits of Mischief - The Misfits of Mischief stops by for some interaction with Pinball in order to bring in some empathy! 21-08-2019
- Pepper & Carrot - When heroes and villains class in the world of Pepper & Carrot, something is going to happen! 20-01-2021
- Drunk Tank - Its time for the Almighty Protectors to team up with the one and only Drunk Tank! 24-02-2021
- Grrl Power - Two worlds of superheroes crash when Almighty Protectors meet up with Sydney & Co! 24-03-2021
- Jenny Everywhere - When Jenny Everywhere in all her incarnations gets involved, you KNOW you are in for some travelling! 21-04-2021
- Kid Intense - The chase through worlds is on, and it leads right past Kid Intense! 21-04-2021
- The Adventures of Sir Power - Sir Power looks up at the interdimensional chase comes by! 21-04-2021
- M9Girls - Purple Space feels a breeze as the interdimensional chase passes through her world! 21-04-2021
- Inferno - The world of Jess the Inferno is one of the places the chase through worlds comes through! 21-04-2021
- Signals - Komee is so concentrated on the trails that she doesn't notice the interdimensional chase coming by! 21-04-2021
- Wonder Team - We catch a glimpse of TNT as the chase through dimensions passes the one of Wonder Team! 21-04-2021
- Unicorn Jelly - The world of Uni is briefly visited as the interdimensional chase runs through! 21-04-2021
- Union of Heroes - As the chase through the dimensions pass through the one of Union of Heroes we spot Erzengel! 21-04-2021
- Lightbringer - Lightbringer looks back as he sense the interdimensional chase come through his world! 21-04-2021
- The Crossoverlord - Ringo certainly notice the interdimensional chase passing his domain! 21-04-2021
- Mental Link - Treenam Josh is spotted as the interdimensional chase passes through his dimension! 21-04-2021
- Heroes of the World and Beyond - A chase that goes through dimensions is off course noticed by G.I.Ant! 21-04-2021
- Cosmos - An interdimensional chase passing through their realm doesn'tbother Artie-Kong and Genezilla! 21-04-2021
- Masked - Hellcat seems to be busy and hardly noticed one group chasing another through dimensions! 21-04-2021
- Lite Bites - Spleen's world is briefly breached as the chase through dimensions passes through it! 21-04-2021
- Mindmistress - Mindmistress seems to take an affront to the interdimensional chase passing through her dimension! 21-04-2021
- Zorgnox's depository of Earth Sundries - The interdimensional chase passing through seems to frighten Subject M! 21-04-2021
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Classic and calm, Ariane Eldar does notice the chase through dimensions passing her! 21-04-2021
- Lectro - Even though he is busy, Toby Lectro has time to notice the chase passing through his dimension! 21-04-2021
- CameoComic - Scale definitely notice the chase passing her realm but is too busy to catch up! 21-04-2021
- Karabear Comics Unltd. - We spot a glimpse of Eiderdown as the chase passes through Karebear's dimension! 21-04-2021
- Beloved Chains - The transdimensional wind of the interdimensional passing chase is noticed by Maevin! 21-04-2021
- Indefensible Positions - Foil does notice that something is amiss as the interdimensional chase passes through ! 21-04-2021
- xkcd - Even an unnamed stick figure notices when two groups of dimensional travellers passes through! 21-04-2021
- Supertrans - Supertrans flies by as the interdimensional chase comes rushing through the dimension! 21-04-2021
- Tales to Behold - Yep, one of the Jenny Everywhere's have met the Odds... and admit to it! 21-04-2021
- M9Girls - When villains and heroes alike clash with the M9Girls we'll soon have an epic Mexican Standoff! 26-05-2021
- Lightbringer - A battle between heroes and villains is taken to whole new level when Lightbringer joins! 21-07-2021

Almighty Protectors cameos/references can be found in:
- JODDAS VAPD - In Artist's Alley we have a Pinball-cosplayer running the Almighty Protectors booth! 08-07-2020
- Breadfinder - When there's a 100 strip celebration and a newly re-opened bakery, Flamethrower WILL show up! 06-03-2021
- Mental Link - Flamethrower might participate in the chat as member KCE1 but is easily recognizable! 23-03-2021
- Realmwalker - Yep, the town IS packed, but we still spot Flame Thrower walking around in the crowd! 15-05-2021

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