Altarion Saga
Altarion Saga

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- Altarion Saga: Atlantis
- Cryptida - On a screen in the bar we spot Major Wildebees in action! 07-09-2019
- Nakama Victory - Yuria gets a good kick in during the big fight at the mercenaries' bar! 20-09-2019
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Even though the whole bar has gone into a fight, Ariane sits quietly and enjoys the show! 22-09-2019
- Pow! Right in the Nostalgia! - Natasha Oliveria took the whole barfight in stride, ducking down behind the bar and staying low! 28-09-2019
- Evil Empire - Ovid Dwa Duph is hanging out outside the bar, enjoying an evening smoke it seems! 28-09-2019
- Datachasers - Help comes to the wounded warriors of the barbrawl in the form of Dr. Sarah Demark! 11-10-2019
- Altarion Saga
- The Underground Empire - Among the assembling of the to royal house we spot none other than Sebastian Roz! 11-09-2019
- The Seven Deadly Wishes - The Supreme Commander fit into the royal assembly as a... royal commander! 11-09-2019
- RE: Eclipse - Behind Hassalon we spot a random Udhetar, wondering what's going on? 26-09-2019
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Big Jock Horserock is hanging out in the bar, enjoying a good beer... until the police arrives! 06-10-2019
- Datachasers - CeCi seems to have gone undercover in the bar, working with the local police! 06-10-2019
- The Underground Empire - Harper Roz is hanging out in the bar, most likely looking for a target! 06-10-2019

Altarion Saga cameos/references can be found in:
- Nakama Victory - Jelena and Jan cheers along the Rangers in their fight against their enemies! 29-02-2020
- Cryptida - Jan Kemeny cracks knuckles and are ready in case Mercy Black need her summoned reinforcement! 29-09-2021

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