Alter Verse
Alter Verse

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- The Many Moons of Astra - Claude gets a "Wicca-meeting" with Astra and Forest! 23-01-2009
- Evil Overlords United - Yes, the EOU did try to take ove the Multiverse in the Crossover Wars... and was stopped! 13-02-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Did the Smiling Man try to take over... or was he just playing the game all along? 13-02-2009
- WarMage - So the Odin Tapestry has been brought from WarMage to here and soon to safekeeping? 20-02-2009
- Repository of Dangerous Things - Bringing the Tapestry to the safety of the Repository would be a nice move! 20-02-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Arriving at the Armory, the whole reception is not all going according to plan! 20-03-2009
- Evil Overlords United - Seems like he is of the opnion that fired towards the EOU would be bad...! 24-04-2009
- A Call to Destiny Reloaded - Oh yes, Rivka has done very good as an Orcish Engineer, thats for sure! 01-05-2009
- Life's A Witch - When Witchy has lost her family, who are they going to send? Claude! Yeah that's right! 12-06-2009
- Evil Overlords United - Looks like the Editor has decided to pay the Alterverse Bridge HQ a visit! 21-08-2009

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