Amazon Space Rangers
Amazon Space Rangers

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- Roger & Dominic - Gyrlf sure has eyes for many sights offered at the Con! 16-10-2002
- Nukees - Gav and Teri are among the guests at Scientificon 2002! 16-10-2002
- Schlock Mercenary - Sergeant Schlock is shambling his way through the great Scientificon! 19-10-2002
- A God's Life - Ferik the Red is quiote an... interesting sight at a modern Con! 19-10-2002
- Killroy and Tina - Killroy and Tina have taken the day off to visit the Scientificon 2002! 19-10-2002
- Captain Mooki - Guess Captain Mooki has it easy with blending in at the Scientificon! 19-10-2002
- Horseshoes & Handgrenades - Okay, you don't see a Ninja Chick waiting for at the toilet every day! 21-10-2002
- Wendy - Wendy does NOT like waiting at the door to the toilet! 21-10-2002
- Bruno the Bandit - A scandily-clad Amazon Ranger... and Bruno doesn't even notice her?! 23-10-2002
- Zortic - Zortic and Zoie also walks the halls of the great Scientificon 2002! 23-10-2002
- Dragonboy - Wings out, Dragonboy has also taken his time to visit the Scientificon! 23-10-2002
- 1/0 - I'll say it would be impossible to overlook Zadok and Petitus at the Scientificon! 23-10-2002
- Zeera the Space Pirate - Zeera learns how it is to be handled by an Amazon Space Ranger in defense! 26-10-2002
- The Makeshift Miracle - Esurio is strolling around in the background that is the Scientificon 2002! 26-10-2002
- Melonpool - Mayberry looks with horror at the scene taking place in front of him! 02-11-2002
- Fat Jesus - Taken by surprise by the sudden events, Fat Jesus almost looses his halo! 02-11-2002
- Pewfell Porfingles - Pewfell & Tina Porfingles are visiting the Scientificon amid the chaos! 02-11-2002
- Superosity - Chris is delighted after having watched the "show"... Bobby not as much! 13-11-2002

Amazon Space Rangers cameos/references can be found in:
- CameoComic - Yeah, too bad ASR has stopped, they could really have helped out here! 08-05-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Nukees - An entire spacesector registered as Blu'ul? Darren Bleuel gets an intergalactic reference! 02-06-2003

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