Anais and Clarisse
Anais and Clarisse
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Anais and Clarisse cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Feeding Time - So Blue stole Jessie from Anais a long time ago? Well, she got taste at least...! 08-10-2005
- Death P*rn - Blue once stole El Cid from Anais? Got to be because of his manly physique! 08-10-2005
- Malefic - Blue lured Gene away from Anais back in the early days where they knew each other! 08-10-2005
- Shaman Quest - Pascual must have succumbed to the charms of Blue back when she lured him away from Anais! 08-10-2005
- Lugnor Riders - So... Anais stole Jerrie away from Blue at one point? Inconsequential? 08-10-2005
- Trubble - Jeremy, wonder Anaise once managed to steal you from under Blue' nose! 08-10-2005
- Dark Sisters - Jean-Francois was once lured into the traps of Anais and stolen away from Blue! 08-10-2005

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