Anarchy the Game/Anarchy 2090
Anarchy 2090

Formerly known as

Anarchy the Game

- Magick - A spell is cast and witches are send from one dimension to... Anarchy! Starting 13-09-2006

- None recorded

Anarchy the Game/2090 cameos/references can be found in:
- Magick - A poster from Anarchy the Game hangs on the wall over the bed! 28-01-2006
- WeirdStar - An old tattered Anarchy 2090 poster is hanging on the wall in the alley! 29-01-2006
- Magick - You cannot celebrate the 100th strip without inviting the Anarchy crew! 17-08-2006
- Magick - A new and updated poster from Anarchy 2090 adorns the wall in the last panel! 19-10-2007

Hogan's Notes:

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