And To Be Loved
And To Be Loved

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- Grayscale - So, is Thomas surprised or awed to find Grayscale on the list of webcomics on R's laptop? 08-06-2012
- Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat - Is it really that shocking that R reads Fruitloop & Mr. Downbeat? 08-06-2012
- Freax - So Thomas... surrised or turned on by seeing Freax on the webcomic list? 08-06-2012
- Candied Fruits - Obviously R is a reader of Candied Fruits... to Thomas's shock! 08-06-2012
- Jack Nasty - The BL Prince - And R's comic has started up in earnest... for real even! 10-07-2012
- xkcd - Stick Figures is not a game... in xkcd its a style of life! 17-07-2012
- Questionable Content - Guess thats one way to look at QC, if you take away the funny...! 20-07-2012
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Responsibility is not exactly a trademark of CAD... but randomness is! 24-07-2012
- xkcd - When you at a con is situated just next to xkcd, people MIGHT not come to see you...! 02-01-2013
- Questionable Content - When QC is at a con for one day only, its THEM people come to see! 02-01-2013

And To Be Loved cameos/references can be found in:
- GROOVY, KINDA - Yep, right there in the background we have Claire chasing Thomas and R. ... witn an axe! 02-01-2013

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