Angels of Shadows
Angels of Shadows

- None recorded

- None recorded

Angels of Shadows cameos/references can be found in:
- Blade of Toshubi - Eve has arrived to take the overview of Toshubi's 100th strip party! 23-06-2007
- Blade of Toshubi - And finally its revelaed that Toshubi's ancient master is none other than... Eve! 24-05-2008
- Blade of Toshubi - I'm quite sure the Eve-doll will soon become a hit among kids of all ages! 25-10-2008
- Legend of Setar - AOS - Angels of Shadows, a more fitting subject for a book has rarely been seen! 06-12-2008
- Legend of Setar - At the moment totally overlooked, we find a small Vahn Doll sitting on the shelf! 04-01-2010

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