Bob the Angry Flower
Bob the Angry Flower

- None recorded

- None recorded

Bob the Angry Flower cameos/references can be found in:
- FLEM - Looks like Bob's sidekick fetus is working on enslaving the world! 22-12-2000
- Goodbye Cruel World - There's a picture of Bob on the wall in the office... smiling!? 18-04-2001
- Checkerboard Nightmare - In the best Angry Flower style, Checkerboard celebrates a 1 year anniversary! 09-11-2001
- Melonpool - No Bob, you are not a hideous creature! Honestly! 02-09-2002
- Schlock Mercenary - Yes, you don't want an Angry Flower arond, just think about Bob! 03-07-2003
- Something Positive - I'll be damned it thats not a genuine Angry Bob figure on the shelf! 15-02-2004
- Tailsteak - Bob obviously wants to make sure the taste stays for future enjoyment!? 12-11-2005
- Irregular Webcomics - Bob gets rid of Lovebot because... he goes beyond a single strip! 01-02-2006
- Everyday Stuff - Bob looks real pissed about being held up in a mile-long queue! 07-04-2006
- Girl Genius - A botanical garden with Bob in? That one needs to be visited... stats! 21-03-2007
- Weapon Brown - Flora Hostilicus? Don't say they finally got Bob potted for good? 27-02-2012
- Casey & Andy - Bob gives a crap about saving the world... but an invention that beats people up! #102
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Bob has been spotted by Thanatos off panel... can you see him? Strip 121

Stephen Notley cameos/references:
- Floyd & Mike - What? Not enough people download something Stephen Notley has made the script for?! 21-03-2007

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