Angst Technology
Angst Technology

- None recorded

- None recorded

Angst Technology cameos/references can be found in:
- Tang's Weekly Comic - Nope, there will not be any spanking of monkeys here, not even Web-Monkeys! 12-11-2000
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Yes, it IS illegal to cook monkeys... even webmonkeys!! 08-04-2001
- Little Gamers - Dante comes to visit the Little Gamers but is having trouble fitting in! Gueststrip06-12-2001
- Construction Paper Angst - A poster featuring Dante is also to be found on the wall behind Maren! 13-03-2002
- Troy's Bucket - Yaz, cool as always, waits patiently at his turn to deliver some good kicking! 31-03-2003
- The Whiteboard - Yaz seems to be well satisfied with being among the guests for the party! 20-10-2004
- Evil Overlords United - Dante doesn't look all too happy with being captured by the Overlords! 28-06-2007
- P.S.I. - It's been some time since Dante was seen, probably because he was held captured! 02-01-2008
- Evil Overlords United - Zworgue starts panicking when he spots Yaz through the veil of webcomicwalls! 14-06-2008

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