- Lightbringer - Long awaited, the meeting of Lightbringer and Antibunny as seen from each others viewpoint! 14-05-2009

- Lightbringer - Belief in superheroes taken into consideration in the light of a Lightbringer comic! 05-10-2006
- Gnerds2000 - Bunnified Serge and Poncho are asked about the opinions on Nailbat! 11-01-2007
- Sluggy Freelance - Yep, you don't need someone to procect BunBun.. now, FROM him perhaps! 11-01-2007
- Faux Pas - Looks like Fluffy was pretty impressed by the actions of Nailbat when asked! 11-01-2007
- Life's a Witch - Swing a shovel, diggin in the mine, is Farie Princess bunnie, working the labor camp! 22-02-2007
- Gnerds2000 - Taking a pickaxe to the wall, Serge has become another worker in the labor camp! 22-02-2007
- Strange Happenings - A Generic rabbit has been set to pull the labor camp's wagons! 22-02-2007
- Metrophor - The cruel fate of becoming a labor camp worker has befallen Sir Bunningham! 22-02-2007
- Evil Inc. - As extended cameo from some of the Evil Inc. crew as the encounter Nailbat! 26-05-2007
- Kitsune Kiki - Visitors or inhabitants of Haunted Junction includes both Kiki and the Umbrella Demon! 11-06-2007
- Lightbringer - Lightbringer has shown up to pay his final respect to the heroism of ‹bermensch! 14-06-2007
- Mindmistress - At the grave of ‹bermensch, Mindmistress is among those showing up to pay respect! 14-06-2007
- Sluggy Freelance - Among the faraway mountains we glimpse one resembling Aylee's mountain shape! 18-06-2007
- Turtle vs. Bunny - Leading the angry mob is none other than Robert Bunny! 21-07-2007
- A Fierce Bad Rabbit - A Fierce Bad Rabbit is in trouble but Super Hero Uncle Slam comes to the rescue! 04-07-2008
- Mechagical Girl Lisa A.N.T - Looks like the new issue of ANT the comic book is out in the stores! 17-07-2008
- VG Cats - VG Cats the comic book seems like something worth checking out! 17-07-2008
- Lightbringer - Lightbringer vs. Hitler? Now THATS a comicbook crossover I would like to read! 17-07-2008
- Mindmistress - On the front cover of Emo Comics we find Lorelei, MM's alter ego! 17-07-2008
- Keen Zombies - Knell is spotted in the comic store, reading the latest issue of Keen Zombies ! 17-07-2008

AntiBunny cameos/references can be found in:
- Indefensible Positions - Antibunny is caught in a bad situation as his opponent got him surrounded! 05-12-2006
- American Gothic - Yes, one can wonder what Agent Wesson is doing in the Secret City of Oak Ridge? 02-04-2007
- Lightbringer - Hmm... interesting to see Malphas as part of the jury at Weres' trial! 22-10-2007
- Project A.D.A.M. - Stoic and quiet, Hannibal watches the frantic retelling of the horrible news! 14-12-2007
- Stalag 99 - Finally Penny awakens, not after a couple of days, but after around 400 years! 28-03-2008
- The Crossoverlord - Wonders what Nailbat thinks when he suddenly sees worlds about to be merged together? 29-04-2010

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- American Gothic - Gothia's cute bunny avatar has been put to work, seeking through the rubble! 22-02-2007
- Shortpacked! - The guy behind the counter is none other than David Willis, comicker extraordinare! 17-07-2008

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