Antihero for Hire
Anti for Hire

- None recorded

- Girly - Talk about a bad idea when you burst in where Captain Fist is waiting in a queue! Gueststrip12-04-2006
- Sporkman - Just don't try to do a robbery where Sporkman happens to wait at the ATM! Gueststrip12-04-2006
- Adventurers! - Wrench is a confirmed fan of Adventurers, and she has an Ardam poster on her wall! 03-11-2006
- Adventurers! - Looks like one of Khrima's now unemployed soldiers has been hired by others...! 09-11-2007

Antihero cameos/references can be found in:
- Coiling Spine - For the Trick & Treat run, Muratov has decided to dress up as Shadehawk! 31-10-2005
- Keenfans - Yeah Shadehawk, we too wonder how you became a part of the Justice Squad! 22-08-2006
- Adventurers! - And in the end it turns out that it was Wrench who was playing the latest remake! 09-10-2006

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