Anywhere But Here
Anywhere But Here

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- Lowroad75 - Natasha mans the desk in the shop dealing with goth clothing! 16-06-2003
- Digital War - What do we have here in the background? A poster for Digital War the movie? 03-02-2005
- Last Week's News - Our Hero finds out that dating Maria is a whole other story than he thought! 02-04-2005
- Burgundy Comics, INC - Going through most of the Burgundy-cast, Our Hero has no luck with a date! 16-04-2005
- Sam and Eli's Adventures - Rachael would like to go out with Our Hero, but the idea is one thin ice! 23-04-2005
- The Mansion of E - Our Hero may have a chance with Rosemary... but Weresnails may be too weird! 30-04-2005
- Vote For This Comic - Rama might be too much for most men... and John comments! 07-05-2005
- Ugly Girl - Mongo is sound asleep with an Ugly Girl doll in his arms! 11-05-2005
- The Longest Sojourn - It's a tough turn doing cosplay movie-dates with a movie-freak! 17-05-2005
- The Radioactive Hotdog - Our Hero is wearing a very special Radioactive Hotdog T-Shirt! 27-06-2005
- Many Tidings Grim - Penny is being hit on virtually ... but Herbert just don't understand internet dating! 02-07-2005
- The Green Avenger - Our Hero learns that not all times are the best to hit on women! 09-07-2005
- Venus Ascending - Travelling 10.000 light years for a date is not enough for Zoe and Lisa! Gueststrip10-09-2005
- Count Your Sheep - With pride the Cool Dude wears a cute Ship Shirt! 16-11-2005
- Todd and Penguin - In a most touching strip, Death allows Todd a farewell with his unborn daughter... 19-12-2005
- Something Positive - In the hospital bed next to Chris, we find chicken pox ridden PeeJee! 27-12-2005
- Todd and Penguin - Dr.Wright has his files mixed up, and Holly takes no crap from her bedmates! 27-12-2005
- Penny Arcade - Partly obscured we find both Tycho and angry Gabe in tuxedos at the party! 10-02-2006
- PvP Online - Dressed up for party, both Brent Sienna and Cole Richards are among the guests! 10-02-2006
- I Can't Stop Thinking - Scott Mcloud is among the party mix-up that has gone raving mad! 22-02-2006
- Narbonic - Yes, sure the folks at Narbonic could find some interesting uses for Radioactive Sulphur! 14-06-2006
- Reckless Youth - And the secret partner on the line turns out to be none other than RY's Joey! 03-07-2006
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - If you have had Ethan as a boyfriend you can be considered to have survived the worst! 07-08-2006
- Questionable Content - Looks like the wellknown pizzagirl is getting strange customers on the line! 10-08-2006
- PvP Online - That was not a smart comment Francis, she got you there! 11-10-2006

Anywhere But Here cameos/references can be found in:
- Reckless Youth - Mongo is hulking his way in the background of one of the circles of hell! 21-05-2005
- Reckless Youth - Being the reaper is just a job, but Death knows how the other opportunities are! 27-05-2005
- Tracy & Tristan - Wondering is the Dude about how a cat suddenly got in front of him in the queue! 28-05-2005
- Where Drunk Meets Genius - Mungo guest-stars as a huge F***ing (?) demon from beneath the plains! 05-08-2005
- Where Drunk Meets Genius - After loosing his wallet, Bob gets friendly support from The Dude himself! 28-08-2005
- Where Drunk Meets Genius - Mozillas, hooded and cloaked, gives it as Z, the Gatekeeper! 07-10-2005
- Where Drunk Meets Genius - Keeping the Vader Porn Tape from Mozillas invites lots of trouble! 26-11-2005
- Where Drunk Meets Genius - Seems like Mozillas would do anything to get that Paris Hilton tape! 01-12-2005
- Where Drunk Meets Genius - Not doing something she would have done, it's Chris' New Year resolution! 31-12-2005
- Todd and Penguin - Penguin spends Christmas with Chris for more than two weeks of storyline! Gueststrip05-01-2006
- Ugly Girl - Queerboy has Halloween-dressedup as the Dude... but he smiles? 31-10-2006
- The Best and the Brightest - The Dude gives one hell of an introduction for NOT attending "his" school! 25-12-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Wonder what the Dude would say if he knew an Overlord was watching him? 10-07-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Being caught up in the middle of an epic battlefield doesn't really make the Dude loose his cool! 17-09-2007

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