Apple Continuum
Apple Continuum

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- FusionD - FusionD is one of the powerful cards in the deck! 11-02-2003
- VG Cats - Krug, Lord of the Unpleasent, is another pretty powerful card in the deck! 11-02-2004
- FusionD - A hybrid Human/Cat with an attitude like that? Gotta be Fusion! 26-07-2003
- Treasure Hunters - Bumfulopus gets a cameo in a terrible and scarry world indeed! 14-07-2005

Apple Continuum cameos/references can be found in:
- Impy & Aevy - Bang appears on a screen on the giant computer that controls Hasbeen Toys! 29-03-2006
- Impy & Aevy - Impy+Bang? Say, are there somebody trying so set up something? 23-08-2006
- Impy & Aevy - Junko is among the rest of the class, watching the trial take shape! 25-08-2006
- Cosmic Dash - Apple Continuum, the big brand that is advertised on the mighty billboards of today! 30-01-2009

P. Lapierre "Green Wiggly" cameos/references:
- Impy & Aevy - The box must have contained a project that Green Wiggly was advertising for! 13-09-2006
- Impy & Aevy - Looks like Green Wiggly has become a doll that can be bought in the toystore! 20-12-2006
- Impy & Aevy - Green Wiggly is present at the the newsgirls'... performance for open camera! 06-04-2007
- Impy & Aevy - It appears that Green Wiggly has been around the girls' bathroom to add his grafitti! 10-10-2007
- Impy & Aevy - Green Wiggly is lucky enought to get a peek at the bathing scene across the fence! 17-10-2007

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