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The Apple of Discord

- None recorded

- World's Worst Webcomic - Its a good thing Evil Couch is muted, some things Man are not meant to hear! 18-04-2008
- Roomies - Martoff the Destroyer gets to play the bass... to bad we never get to hear the tunes! 18-04-2008
- 67th Avenue - Jamie has picked up the drums in the orchester, but no sound is let out! 18-04-2008
- t-n-t - Whatever Trent will get out of the guitar, you can be sure we will not hear about it! 18-04-2008
- Indifferently Evil - One could wonder what Max has said that needed to be muted! 18-04-2008
- Chooken - Perhaps we are better off not knowing why Chooken has been muted in the first place? 18-04-2008
- Jenny Everywhere - Aliens, Dragons, Knights... and a muted Jenny Everywhere looking panicking! 18-04-2008
- Chooken - For Halloween Chooken has dressed up to blend in with the natives of this comic! Gueststrip30-10-2008
- Exploitation Now - It's not easy coping with not being stars in your own comic anymore... just ask Ralph! 21-11-2008
- 2nd Shift - Asimov and Zoe gets send Doctor Hubris' latest invention... as if we need any more Az's around! 09-01-2009
- Rick The Stick - During the Weather Advisory, the latest news regarding Rick the Stick ticks in! 30-01-2009
- Union of Heroes - News about some kind of delay with Union of Heroes ticks in during the weather reports...! 30-01-2009
- Chooken - The news-tick claims that Chooken is on hiatus... call before trying to read it! 30-01-2009
- Land of Nodd - Looks like they are STILL looking for the Superhero Rapist... beware ! 30-01-2009
- Ardra - Hmm... to love or fear Hubris' obsession with Ardra... that's the question! 13-02-2009
- Insanity of Xade - Alexis and Jeff stops by in the strip long enough to notice the chaos taking place! 27-03-2009
- Slightly Off Topic - The original News Guy reports on the sudden outbreak of arrows sticking out of people! 27-03-2009
- 2nd Shift - Delta reassures DeeDee that they are perfectly safe from the archer... but are they? 27-03-2009
- I'm Not Bob - Bob visits Copy King to get copies done... not to listen to girls talking to machines! 27-03-2009
- Epic Fail - Martin and Amuletts is offered a reward to tackle the archer... if they dare give it a try that is! 27-03-2009

Apple of Discord / Apple Valley cameos/references can be found in:
- Union of Heroes - Art finds himself lost in a strange world... wearing an untraditional shape! Strip 211
- Ardra - Doctor Hubris makes quite a startling impact on Ardra at the speeddating event! 02-08-2011

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Between Places - Setting people on fire is indeed the thing of Metrius, a.k.a Tiana! 14-01-2009

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