- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Hawk sends his latest crazy robot to harass Ethan at the comic next door! 16-08-2004

- VG Cats - Silently Aeris bid her time, waiting for the right moment, the time to kill! GueststripIssue 122
- Melonpool - What must now be the anthem of robots: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"! Issue 123
- Megatokyo - You bet Piro's ears are burning, but I bet Hawk is pretty satisfied with his shipment! Issue 183
- Megatokyo - Hawk rides a Rent-a-Zilla, and two strips later meets Ping and Yuki in downtown Tokyo! Issue 271
- Questionable Content - Pintsize and Hawk can see a lot of ideas in Eve and Winslow being combatible! Issue 355
- Megatokyo - Finally Hawk manages to get his hand on the great book of Largo wisdom! Issue 360

Applegeeks cameos/references can be found in:
- The Whiteboard - Hawk is getting his buttons (cap) pushed! 22-10-2004
- The Hoojie Crew - Hawk makes sure that his mark stays on the house well after the party! 29-12-2004
- Bunny - Bunny 'copter around Gina for a better view! 24-02-2005
- Muffin-Time - Teasing Hawk might be fun... but just you wait should he get out of the ball! 10-03-2005
- Bunny - Alt full speed Bunny escapes the smoldering inferno Eve is a part of! 15-07-2005
- Cortland - Cortland's advice for understanding Applegeeks... forget it and enjoy the colors! 27-07-2005
- The Whiteboard - Add a couple of antennas, and Eve is well dressed up for the Halloween occasion! 31-10-2005
- Megatokyo - Hawk wanders the streets of Tokyo, and finds his new pet in a Rent-A-Zilla! Gueststrip12-04-2006
- Comedity - Hawk is nice to have as a friend when you need components for female androids! 16-05-2006
- Mystic Revolution - Preparing for a trip to Connecticon, Lourdes has been dressed up as Alice! 09-07-2006
- Questionable Content - Oh yes, Winslow must be a smooth operator... if he got Eve lured in! 05-04-2007
- GansWorks - Naah... Hawk does not JUST react like that when he sees a girl... but close! 17-04-2007
- Least I Could Do - Second panel, and its suddenly Applegeeks we are looking at through the window! 27-03-2009
- Questionable Content - Eve may be robotic, but in the chat she knows a good laugh when she hears it! 08-06-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Eve may be a robot with Artificial Intelligence, but she is far from public knowledge! 09-06-2009
- Questionable Content - Hmm, wonder where Hannners got her Applegeeks scarf from? The colour suits her! Strip 704

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Little Gamers - Mighthy Sexy Swedish Webcomic Rockstars, thats the Little Gamers at Otakon 2004! Issue 121
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - The rivalry between Hawk and Tim Buxley is on, and both parties score a hit at Otakon! Issue 121
- Dominic Deegan - Evil Mookie shows how you arrive in Japn in style! GueststripIssue 261

Mohammad "Hawk" Haque and Ananth Panagariya cameos/references:
- Little Gamers - The Applegeeks-crew provides the most single evil image imaginable...! Gueststrip10-09-2003
- Under Power - Hawk might be small, but he is a badass, and he got Ananth with him as support! 17-02-2004
- Ctrl+Alt+Del - Tim shows Hawk the difference between PC gamers and Mac Gamers! 03-07-2004
- Comedity - Hawk has a lot of "Fun" checking out a Tablet at ConnectiCon 2005! 24-06-2005
- Mac Hall - Some things must be avenged! Hawk and Anath are in for the... rubber! 06-08-2005
- Real Life - He may be a true Real Life fan, but that doesn't keep him from hurrying to see the Applegeeks crew! 13-07-2006
- The Devil's Panties - Looking neat and relaxed, Hawk is up for bidding at the Webcomic Artist Auction! 29-08-2006
- Something Positive - Hawk is also attending the convention, even having an Applegeeks booth up! 10-08-2007
- Yellow Peril - Looks like Hawk is one of the many diverse people waiting for the Metro to arrive! 15-03-2010
- Geist Panik! - Ananth Panagariya should rest in peace, but now he is being summoned! Strip 051

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