Area 42
Area 42

- Autumn Bay - Through a door that's not there normally, Dr. Deacon steps into Area 42! 02-03-2015

- Snapped Controller - Two greenskinned extras meet in a bar... well, nothing beers can't fix! Gueststrip22-01-2014
- Autumn Bay - Looks like this view into Area42 end up becoming a two-way mirror! 06-11-2014

Area 42 cameos/references can be found in:
- Life Less Ordinary - Looks like we now know where Charleston Charge buys his coffee, eh? :-) 02-08-2014
- Center Lane - Sounds like ECD has a good time talking with a certain little green alien! 01-10-2014
- Autumn Bay - Dr. Deacon lectures about parallel realities all while showing glimpses of Area 42! Archived locally04-11-2014
- Autumn Bay - Looks like this view has made quite an impact on Charleston! Gueststrip26-11-2014
- Autumn Bay - The Mac and Roni Live-show also have advertising posters out in this realm! Archived locally11-12-2014
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Perverto breaks out of his Peeping Tom hiding place to... "take out the trash"! 07-02-2015
- I, Mummy - Is that a Subject M doll that streetseller has in his tray? Hurry! Buy it! 14-05-2015
- Nate the Robot - A small figuring of M can be spotted on the bottom shelf in Nate's office! 16-09-2015

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