Arthur, King of Time and Space
Arthur, King of Time and Space

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- Megatokyo - So THIS is how AKOTAS would have looked... if drawn in Megatokyo style! 22-08-2004
- Vigilante, Ho! - When you are among Vigilantes, you should be careful who you address as ho... who!! 25-12-2004
- Fish Institution - There's something fishy going on around Arthur, King of Time and Space! 02-01-2005
- PvP - When they talk with their hands in PvP, they do it with palms up! 20-03-2005
- Schlock Mercenary - In Schlock Mercenary, its spreading out your fingers when you talk with your hands! 20-03-2005
- Real Life - In Real Life you talk with your hands by putting them in your pockets! 20-03-2005
- Megatokyo - Dead Piro Day does some interesting for the speakers by hand in Megatokyo! 20-03-2005
- Sluggy Freelance - If the whole strip feels familiar, its because its Sluggy to the bone! 03-04-2005
- PvP Online - Yep, Lancelot could make a pretty good Brent in the PvP parody later on! 03-04-2005
- Penny Arcade - Guess some versions of Penny Arcade needs to have the language filter on! 30-04-2005
- Dinosaur Comics - Dinosaurs appearing in the medieval era? A good thing violence and the system is right! 03-07-2005
- El Goonish Shive - Gender-swapping, fourth-wall breaking... yep, sounds like an EGS-like filler! 10-07-2005
- Narbonic - Gender-swapping and fourth-wall breaking could also sound like Narbonic? 10-07-2005
- Gossamer Commons - Guess the faeries were in for it if GC-rules applied to AKOTAS! 17-07-2005
- Striptease - Oh yes, the strange words that are said when you wake up next to someone! 08-08-2005
- PvP Online - A little discussion about popular entertainment... PvP-style! 04-09-2005
- Megatokyo - Sad aliens in snow... no more words about that reference are necessary! 17-12-2005
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Chex joins the webcomic suicide bandwagon... quick and painless preferred! 17-12-2005
- Sluggy Freelance - Never mess with Bun-Bun, especially not when there's time-travel at hand! 13-02-2006
- Schlock Mercenary - When you time-travel, you sometimes pick up some interesting weaponry! 13-02-2006
- Yirmumah! - Should the Daily Grind continue for many years, House Yirmumah must take steps! 28-02-2006
- The Devil's Panties - The war of the Daily Grind will take its toll on House Devil's Panties! 28-02-2006
- Schlock Mercenary - Poor Sgt. Schlock. Having to work a second job AND having to learn how to make a "Proper" cup of tea! 11-02-2010
- Sluggy Freelance - Aihok & Effex seem to be channeling their inner Bun-Bun and Kiki, much to Morgan's dismay! 05-11-2011
- Girl Genius - Looks like Agatha & Co. has branched out... now selling diseases at distant planets! 22-01-2013
- Something Positive - Davan is checking into "Hotel Advanced Planning", having planned a stay years in advance! 03-08-2013
- Help Desk - Maaaaybe the Evil Boss is not the best person to ask for such things! 04-08-2013
- PvP Online - The Panda finds out that in this world you risk facing the business end of a sword if you jump the wrong person! 05-08-2013
- Shortpacked! - Actually, I think the Historical Jesus comes out with the best trade here...! 06-08-2013
- Questionable Content - Yep, no backlash for Claire coming out with these gangs... and probably most of the readers too! 07-08-2013
- xkcd - Guess realism and popularity really is in the eye of the beholder... or reader for that matter :) 08-08-2013
- Leftover Soup - You are right Guenevere, the readers didn't either... please make Ellen tell! 09-08-2013
- Skin Horse - Well, you can't please everybody... as you should know Sweetheart! 10-08-2013
- Girls with Slingshots - Hazel and Guenevere should have known better than starting to drink without Jamie! 11-08-2013
- C'est La Vie - ... if Mona don't like being asked that, somebody else is getting "punned" shortly! 12-08-2013
- Gronk - Short and Green is usually easily dealt with, but not when that one is Gronk! 13-08-2013
- Nimona - It could have been worse... it could have been "Recycle Me"...! 14-08-2013
- Jenny Everywhere - Figures that the last visitor to end this cameo-line is none other than Jenny Everywhere! 15-08-2013

Arthur, King of Time and Space cameos/references can be found in:
- Leftover Soup - The streets look all deserted... except for modern day Guinevere walking by! 08-07-2012

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Real Life - Impressive what kind of html-revelations comes up during a round of DDR wit Greg Dean! 23-07-2004
- Schlock Mercenary - What would Howard do NEXT after the Milkyway? Keep reading to find out! 07-04-2005
- PvP Online - Looks like Scott hit just a little too close with his witty comment there! 15-07-2005
- Gossamer Commons - Looks like Eric and Wednesday are having trouble coming up with new names! 09-11-2005
- PvP Online - Scott Kurtz can be a little bit snarky when it comes to commenting on gags and shading! 26-12-2005

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