Artificial Incident
Artificial Incident

- None recorded

- None recorded

Artificial Incident cameos/references can be found in:
- Yosh! - For Halloween Blue and Kate has dressed up as Nyna and Kaylin! 31-10-2016
- Yosh! - Looks like Nyna can't decide who's doing the drawing and who's having the fun at Phil's birthday! 25-11-2016
- Yosh! - For the New Year Mihari makes sure to introduce Nyna for her own comic properly! 02-01-2017
- Yosh! - Kaylin and Nyna shows up to make sure we know that THEIR comic is not on vacation! 23-05-2018
- Yosh! - In order to celebrate Phil's Birthday we get... Kaylin doing sexy advertising for her own comic? 23-11-2018
- Yosh! - Both Nyan and Kaylin takes part in this years Christmas gathering, properly sweater-dressed! 24-12-2018

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