- None recorded

- Avalon - Maria does a good Ceilidh for Halloween... even if something gets stuck! 31-10-2005
- Dog and Pony - For the Halloween special, Shihan is dressed and plays up as D&P-Bard Brighton! 31-10-2005
- Inverloch - Going as the warrior, Blade comes as Varden for the Halloween Special! 31-10-2005
- Dog and Pony - Well, perhaps "Dog and Pony" IS too generic for a bar, but its also already taken! 28-07-2006
- CameoComic - Hey! It looks like the ComicJumping traveller Scale has stopped by in Atlantis! 23-03-2007
- Candi - Obviously Menjoy as come a little astray in the worlds during his War with the squirrels! 23-03-2007

Atlantis cameos/references can be found in:
- CameoComic - Scale realizes that Atlantis is also a comic featured in the Archive! 01-03-2007

Robert Slater cameos/references:
- AaaSoC - Robert Slater is the tough member of the Resistance in the middle panel to the right! 04-02-2005

Hogan's Notes:

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