The Chronicles of Avernyght
The Chronicles of Avernyght

- None recorded

- War of Winds - In the streets of the evening night, Vrin and Ravar are quietly walking around together! 07-03-2011

Avernyght cameos/references can be found in:
- Emergency Exit - The poster on Sal's wall is made straight from the lands of the Dauls, from Avernyght! 10-12-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Mad Hat Comics - Together with his girl, daulified Vort sells ceramics in the refugee camp! 04-02-2008
- Tales of the Traveling Gnome - In daul-form as Mish 'El, Michelle greets the new arrival! 04-02-2008
- Emergency Exit - In the camp of the refugees, Poppett gets to meet the daulified version of Enje (NJ)! 04-02-2008
- Beyond Reality - Living in the camp of the refugees, Daul Orion recognizes Poppett as a new face! 04-02-2008
- Distant Eras - Favorite Daul Kat does her best to make a sale whenever customers are in sight! 04-02-2008
- Beyond Reality - Tonight Orion is out walking the night, enjoying it with arm around his wife! 07-03-2011
- Emergency Exit - Enjoying a night out with her husband, Enje (NJ) waves to another friendly face in the street! 07-03-2011

Mary "Mvmarz" Sneddon cameos/references:
- Mad Hat Comics - When MV thinks her art look shoddy, it makes Vort feel veeeeeery small! Archived locally08-01-2003
- Emergency Exit - MV attacking Jurinjo gets a prompt response in form of a mortal and deadly kick! 29-10-2008

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