Axe Cop
Axe Cop

- Dr. McNinja - Axe Cop presses the comic button and summons Dr. McNinja to become his teammate! 26-07-2010

- None recorded

Axe Cop cameos/references can be found in:
- Strange Candy - Eri-chan definitely have a liking to Axe Cop and apparently uses it for "research material"! 09-09-2010
- Ratfist - Everything out of sequence with the Cop Axe-comic? Or is it just manga-style? 08-02-2011
- Department 34 - When you go up against Axe Cop, you definitely don't want to be the Tough Guy of the group! 15-06-2011
- And Shine Heaven Now - At Otakon 2011 you could watch the epic showdown between Axe Cop and Galaxia! 07-08-2011
- Strange Candy - Sorry, nothing on the TV, not evening the latest Axe Cop episode! 12-01-2012
- PvP Online - What happens when Axe Cop and Lolbat teams up?! Cheezburgers for sure! Gueststrip02-04-2012
- Intelligent Life - Nobody can cosplay that well, this GOT to be Axe Cop himself at the comic convention! 09-10-2016

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