Bad Guy High
Bad Guy High

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- Dasien - In one of the paintings on the walls we spot the illustrious... thigh and legs of Dasien! 24-10-2008
- Shortpacked - Shortpacked... the comic where gay more or less fits on every castmember! 15-05-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Striking a badass pose are the against the Crossoverlord assembled heroes! 19-05-2009
- Pilli Adventure - Why buy Bad Guy High comics when you can read it free at Drunk Duck thinks Pilli...! Gueststrip29-09-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Is one of the realities created by the Platinium Nightlight Corps... that of the Crossoverlord? 19-10-2009
- Dasien - So, if Dasien and Superdan exchanged costumes, who would it be worst for? Dasien or the readers? 31-10-2009
- Crossoverkill - Fanart becomes a classic and a nod to the possible death of a hero, victim of a Crossoverkill! 22-10-2010

Bad Guy High cameos/references can be found in:
- St Pauls - Stuart is wearing his Superdan costume... without the logo though! 02-11-2005
- Magical Misfits - Even though he is dead, Dan has been allowed free from the afterlife to attend! 17-04-2006
- Pilli Adventure - Bad Guy High is one the list of schools Pilli is about to choose from! 22-05-2006
- Magical Misfits - Floating high through the realm of souls and images, is the logo of Super Dan! 11-10-2006
- Rebound - None other than Super Dan shows up to celebrate Halloween in the old saloon! 31-10-2006
- Magical Misfits - Evan has found time off to get by and help the others celebrate 400 comics of Magical Misfits! 21-02-2007
- Evil Overlords United - The EO's are eying Superdan, possibly planning a hostile takeover of his comic? 13-03-2007
- Life & Death - Off course Superdan needs to be represented when L&D celebrates 400 strips! 12-08-2007
- Insanity of Xade - In raccoon form Evan experiences from Alex' hair why Dan doesn't like being touched! 30-06-2008
- The Crossoverlord - Dan has also been by the Armory at one point... hope he brings anchovies next time! 19-05-2009
- PowerTrip - SuperDan walks by in the background, looking confused on what's going on! 05-06-2009
- The Crossoverlord - Superdan and his world would be sucked into oblivion if the Space-Time Slicer was used! 18-04-2010
- Pilli Adventure - Do NOT harass little cute girls when Super Dan happens to be in Mexico for an extended visit! 01-07-2010
- Pilli Adventure - Ethan too arrives in Mexico, and is allowed to stay because he brings Tequila! 07-07-2010
- Crossoverkill - Villains and Heroes, a score of them or more, have joined the battle of the century! 21-03-2011
- Karabear Comics Unltd. - Looks like the newest Bad Guy High video is out for sale on the top row! 03-04-2012

The Red Death cameos/references:
- The KAMics - It was time for The Red Death to sign up for membership of Crossoverers Anonymos! 16-08-2010

Hogan's Notes:

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