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- Lectro - Looks like there were many people trapped in the hair or Raul... Toby for once! 01-04-2021
- Hope - Being caught in Raul's hair was quite the hairy experience for Jospeh it seems! 01-04-2021
- Mental Link - One of the customers pulled out of Raul's hair turned out to be Neecra! 01-04-2021
- The Adventures of Sir Power - The strangest things were found in Raul's hair... Sir Power's horse for example! 01-04-2021
- Weird in a Can - Dr. George Furball has had the unpleasent experience of being pulled out of Raul's hair! 01-04-2021
- Mr. Flower - Even the trek through Raul's hair has not diminished Mr. Flower's happy face! 01-04-2021
- Signals - Being pulled out of Raul's hair has been quite a shocking experience for Komee! 01-04-2021
- The Inexp. Adv. of Bob! - Being pulled out of Raul's hair seems to have fared pretty well with Molly! 01-04-2021
- Love Kills Slowly - Outburst and Impulse find out the have a mouse in the mouse, and that's Bananas!! 14-04-2021
- Pegasus Project - Looks like someone has god was and is... WAS reading the last issue of Pegasus Project! 14-04-2021
- Mr. Flower - On the wall we spot a photo of none other than our favourite Mr. flower! 14-04-2021
- Acid Box - The Acid Box poster on the door speaks loads about the good taste in this household! 14-04-2021
- Mr. Flower - Mr. Flower has put down his pot at the dance floor! 18-09-2021
- Pegasus Project - We spot Shoko happily walking around the other guests and enjoying a drink! 18-09-2021
- JinGo! Beyond - Jingo does a spittake at the party... wonder what he saw? 18-09-2021
- Brynberry - Constant is hanging out at the party, getting a drink and checking his phone! 18-09-2021
- Pine Hill Creature Feature - Chris is rocking it at the dance floor of the party! 18-09-2021
- Stupider Like A Fox - Sir Tod is really taking advantage of the dance floor to rock out! 18-09-2021
- Nakama Victory - Yuria is happily skipping along at the party! 18-09-2021
- Zorgnox's Depository... - Subject M hangs around at the party with a drink but does seem a bit skeptical? 18-09-2021
- Pigeon and Rat - There's no mistaking Pigeon being at the party, hanging out with the other guests! 18-09-2021
- Grinder$ - Off course Donna Panks will be around at a party with so many likeminded! 18-09-2021
- Necromancienne - Kobold seems to have settled in at the party with a drink and someone to talk to! 18-09-2021
- Acid Box - Honey gets a drink at the party and hangs out with the other guests! 12-10-2021
- Weird in a Can - Nicole and Phillip gets something to eat and drink while George rocks the dancefloor! 12-10-2021
- Lost Elements Innerworld - Isabella really seems to be enjoying hanging out with all the people at the party! 12-10-2021
- Rumors and Conspiracies - Mike, Billy, and Tom hangs out at the party, mingling with the other partygoers! 12-10-2021

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