Beautiful Days
Beautiful Days

- None recorded

- None recorded

Beautiful Days cameos/references can be found in:
- MEAU! - Looks like both Yama and Yuuki have been contracted to work at the festival! 20-08-2022
- Across Your Shattered Sky - So, the monster of Green Scarf eats naughty children like Lucus and Jesse? Good to know! 31-08-2022
- Across Your Shattered Sky - Rough and russled, Kenji fits nicely in with this violent gang! 01-12-2022
- Broken Beats - As part of security, Yama gets to hand Ray and Maya the tally of the votes in the song competition! 14-01-2023
- Broken Beats - Yuuki is managing the counter in the small foodplace with a relaxed attitude! 19-02-2023
- Broken Beats - Eri is hanging out at the coffee place and seems to be having a good time! 24-06-2023
- Broken Beats - Looks like we have a certain Rose showing up at this rocking concert! 15-07-2023

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