Between Places
Between Places

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- Sex Percussions - Looks like our favourite Sex Per. characters are moonlightning as special agents around here! 03-02-2009
- Cetiya - Don't know if Daven is cut to be an agent, but with a red shirt he prefers to be in the background! 08-02-2009
- Sunset Grill - You can do worse than with a Sunset Grill Employee at your back... with knife out! 08-02-2009
- Epic Fail - Special Soldier Martin embraces Lareli, preparing to protect against anything that might happen! 08-02-2009

Between Places cameos/references can be found in:
- Epic Fail - If you look among the people in the cheering crowd you will spot Gabriel and Falahil ! 17-03-2009

Tiffany "Tiana Calthye" M. cameos/references:
- The Apple of Discord - Setting people on fire is indeed the thing of Metrius, a.k.a Tiana! 14-01-2009

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