Beyond Reality
Beyond Reality

- Emergency Exit - An Orion-created gate brings guests into the middle of Karl's kitchen! 20-02-2006

- The Gods of Arr-Kelaan - So Ringach holds the keys to Arr-Kelaan? Interesting... do they know it there? 02-02-2004
- Pimpette & Associates - Hmm... getting a magical sword from Kria might not be all that smart! Gueststrip30-03-2004
- The Mansion of E - Well, even if the sword has a trashy origin, it CAN be pretty useful! Gueststrip31-03-2004
- Prilian Legends - Hmm... if I had the choice between admiring a sword or Gabrielle DiAngelo...! Gueststrip01-04-2004
- The Repository of Dangerous Things - And the Arachnamouse King arrives in his new home! 27-09-2004
- The Mansion of E - Sylvester's date with Laura should make him hold back on demands! 29-12-2004

Beyond Reality cameos/references can be found in:
- The Mansion of E - When Rosemary attends a party with Orion, the talk will turn to sharp subjects! 11-01-2005
- Emergency Exit - The Pirate Captain is none other than an alternate version of Orion! 13-07-2005
- Emergency Exit - A known but unnamed character from Beyond Reality gets the axe! 26-07-2005
- Parallel Dementia - The orange monster from BE has turned to a world where chaos and disaster rule! 09-06-2006
- Emergency Exit - Ringach hangs out at the convention with the other creepy mopey people! 26-06-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Orion joined the fight against the EO-forces but get clubbed by an ally swung as a club! 26-09-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Swords are Cool - Guess drunken Brock went a little too far with the last comment... poor Brock! 14-11-2005

Orion Gates cameos/references:
- Digital War - Cool and in the frontline, nothing seems to be able to shake Orion behind his glasses! 29-08-2004
- Angry D. Monkey - He couldn't come himself, but Orion did send his sword instead! 25-02-2005
- Role of the Die - Almost hidden behind his giant trademark sword, we find Orion at the con! 10-05-2006
- Emergency Exit - Orion welcomes Eddie to the game... but does he know what he is in for? 28-06-2006
- Emergency Exit - Friday the 13th is a great day for Zombie Orion who gets to eat out with his girlfriend! 13-10-2006
- Parallel Dementia - Zombie Orion is... quite an interesting being... so is his relationship with NJ! 05-11-2006
- Emergency Exit - Mildmannered Orion...? arrives to visit his gaming buddy at the hospital! 06-11-2006
- Mad Hat Comics - Looks like Orion has gained a "little" weight after his visit to his girlfriend! Archived locally12-01-2007
- Reckless Youth - Orion is the guard that gets the honor of being hit by the Bean-turned-weapon! 10-02-2007
- Mad Hat Comics - Being fat and carrying a big sword was not enough for Orion to get hired! Archived locally11-02-2007
- Avernyght - Living in the camp of the refugees, Daul Orion recognizes Poppett as a new face! 04-02-2008
- Avernyght - Tonight Orion is out walking the night, enjoying it with arm around his wife! 07-03-2011

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