Billy Learns To Rock
Billy Learns To Rock

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- Salimah - Zelig and Miyoko seems to enjoy the very unique Christmas tree at the party! 24-12-2006
- The Planet Closest to Heaven - Pepe seems not to enjoy his christmas outfit for the party! 24-12-2006
- The Gods of Arr-Kelaan - Ronson has come to the Christmas Party, off course bringin his own beer! 24-12-2006
- Pinky TA - Dressed up in Elf-costume, Pinky has come to the Christmas Party... and gets leered at! 24-12-2006
- Atland - Visitors from Atland have come to celebrate Christmas with Billy and friends! 24-12-2006
- Vampire Phantasm - Even though not liking Christmas, Jill has turned up for Billy's Christmas Party! 24-12-2006
- Twonks & Plonkers - Off course Twonk and Plonkers will be invited to Billy's Christmas Party! 24-12-2006
- Return to Donnelly - At Billy's Christmas Party, Donnelly is also represented! 24-12-2006
- Detective Fork - The Detective seems to get a good laugh out of the "Christmas Tree"! 24-12-2006
- The Burnhams - The Burnhams visit Billy for the Christmas Party occasion! 24-12-2006
- IRC - A good deal of the IRC gang has shown to the 200 strip Beach Party! 30-08-2007
- Draqonia - Toni and Rose is allowed a dance of their own at the 200 strip Beach Party! 30-08-2007
- The Planet Closest to Heaven - Invited to the beach for a dance, that's the way to celebrate 200 strips! 30-08-2007
- Unchained - Both Shade and Red have been invited to Billy 200 strip Beach Party! 30-08-2007
- Pinky TA - Figures... invited to a 200 strip Beach Party, and Pinky lounges under the umbrella! 30-08-2007

Billy cameos/references can be found in:
- The Burnhams - Billy vists The Burnhams for the special Christmas Party occasion! 24-12-2006
- The Burnhams - At the 100 strip bashout, Billy shows that his guitar is for more than rock! 01-05-2008
- sIRC - ... somehow I think Billy is not all that happy about being around DrunkDuck...! Strip #140

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