Taking the Bi-pass
Taking the Bi-pass

- Hello Cruel World - When drinks are mixed at a party, people meet up in the most strange ways! Starting 01-01-2004

- Theater Hopper - Tom and Cami seems to enjoy each other as well as Lord of the Rings in the theater! 16-12-2003
- Bug and Slug - When you are at a party, spike the punch and enjoy it like it was your mama's! 01-01-2004
- Mouser - The spiked punch has strange effect of Max... strange hallucinations for example! 06-01-2004
- Bored & Evil - Having just woken up, Dave is not in Kansas but in Bored & Evil! 03-07-2006
- Theater Hopper - Tom is the kind of guy that prefers a car add to any Adam Sandler movie! 20-07-2006
- Joe Loves Crappy Movies - Voltron the Movie... off course Joe will be there to watch and comment! 27-07-2006
- Multiplex - Poor Joe, starving himself for a Bacon-o-thon... but he can't eat Kevin Bacon! 14-12-2006
- Cortland - Cortland is right. Changes are good, but there's just things Baby Jesus does not need! 25-12-2006
- Butternutsquash - On the road again, Rob and Cola do their "Weekend At Bernie"-impression! 15-02-2007
- Take It Like A Husband - Dan and Dave CAN agree on something... it's not just Hockey! Gueststrip26-04-2007
- Canned Ham - Odgen don't know there ARE Canadian monsters, but Dave can tell him otherwise! Gueststrip30-04-2007
- The Outer Circle - While Peekaboo Gives Dave sweet words, Steve & Richard loots his place! Gueststrip28-05-2007
- Theater Hopper - Tom tells Dave how to make it through the night with babies... get a nanny! Gueststrip07-06-2007

Taking the Bi-Pass cameos/references can be found in:
- Tailsteak - Dave prefers both coffee and women... hairless! That's his taste! 12-11-2005
- Bored & Evil - Outside the window, Dave walks past the window to continue here ! 07-07-2006
- The Outer Circle - Dave does standup comedy but is not a licensed characters, so... take him out? 13-10-2006

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