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- None recorded

Blackaby cameos/references can be found in:
- Aldus Maycombe - Looks like Habib has kept in the habit of crossdressing... notice the hat! 19-07-2006
- Alternate Delusions - Seems like Green Lantern recruit Blackaby, needs a helping hand with the training! 10-08-2006
- Elf Only Inn - Though he is armed and armored, Blackaby doesn't look too thrilled fighting for LoD! 23-02-2007

Viger & Rachel J. Astruc cameos/references:
- Burgundy Comics, INC - Rachel cameos as the ticket-lady in the cinema! 09-12-2005
- Many Worlds - The forum avatar of Rachel Astruc runs the Villains Anonymous Group Therapy! 01-03-2006
- If Then Else - Blackaby comes to the Icecreambar and gets a show of balance! 22-06-2005

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