Black Mudpuppy
Black Mudpuppy

- None recorded

- Blitz Phoenix - Looks like Blitz Phoenix, at one time, has been around these cells? 11-06-2014
- Zukahnaut - The writing on the wall says that one "Zukah" once was in these parts... sounds familiar? 11-06-2014
- Zukahnaut - Is that Zukahnaut I spot there on the back row among the other spectators? 31-08-2015

Black Mudpuppy cameos/references can be found in:
- Tethered - Thats a really nice Black Mudpuppy doll lying there on the table! 27-03-2015
- The Demon Archives - Good to see that the good things survive in the future, like Black Mudpuppy comics! 15-06-2015
- Robuds - Black Mudpuppy #3 with the Hitlersaurus is what helps Summer fuel her awesome daydream! 07-08-2015
- Nate the Robot - A Black Mudpuppy doll have been put aside on the top shelf in Nate's office! 16-09-2015

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