Blacktail & Marz
Blacktail & Marz

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- Wyrecats - In their search for Murmilna, Blacktail and Marz momentarily appear inconvenient in the world of Wyrecats! 27-06-2018
- Tic Toc Tom - Appearing in another dimension Blacktail & Marz gets to partake in some frenzies Tic Toc Action! 04-07-2018
- Miss J and the Am - Good thing Blacktail & Marz ended in the dimension of Miss J and the Ams who could help out! 12-07-2018
- The KAMics - B&M's dimensionhopping brings them to a place with doors... all leading to KAMics-chaos! 25-07-2018
- Cosmos - Who knew you can travel to other comics through comic books? B&M didn't and neither did the Cosmos crew! 01-08-2018
- The Last Force - Nope, B&M are not going to hide, but them helping Carl with aliens workS... like a dream! 09-08-2018
- The Adv. of Buckeye and Turbo - Confrontations erupt when B&M enter B&T's dimension and they are taken care of arcadestyle! 15-08-2018
- The Strange Tale of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - Mr. Hyde can be quite a charmer, and that's why he escaped B&M! 22-08-2018
- Super Toby - In the bar where B&M pop in on their interdimensional journey, we spot none other than Super Toby! 30-08-2018
- Misfits of Mischief - Dimensionjumping becomes a party when B&M encounters the Misfits of Mischief! 30-08-2018
- Abui's Travels - Their travels through dimensions bring B&M to Abui's forest where there's a lot to see! 12-09-2018
- Nakama Victory - A visit to the dimension of Nakama Victory brings a change of style... and instant battle! 20-09-2018
- Thomas & Zachary - When its too quite when your portal open into Thomas & Zachary, you should know it won't last! 29-09-2018
- Theater of the Bloody Tongue - Stopping for a show at the Bloody Tongue, B&M have... very mixed reactions! 06-10-2018
- Lectro - Instead of jumping dimensions, B&M get characters from Lectro pulled to them! 14-10-2018
- The Claret Age - Entering a new dimension means you should look around so you don't miss details! 21-10-2018
- The Metallic - A quiet walk in the wold of The Metallic quickly turns into a bloody affair! 28-10-2018

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