Blitz Phoenix
Blitz Phoenix

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- Zukahnaut - You can't fault Yule's taste in shirts, at least not when he is wearing his Zukahnaut shirt! 03-06-2014
- Zukahnaut - Marko Killigan vs. Blitz Phoeniex... who's gonna wear the costume and have the powers? 18-06-2014
- Kyria - The calender on the wall showcases none other than Hitero and Bastian for November! 28-11-2014
- Zukahnaut - Terry checks out the flight schedules at the airport while Darius checks out the recommended readings! 18-03-2015
- The Demon Archives - Looks like both Jane and Tenzin are in the airport, trying to find their way by map? 18-03-2015

Blitz Phoenix cameos/references can be found in:
- Black Mudpuppy - Looks like Blitz Phoenix, at one time, has been around these cells? 11-06-2014
- Princess Chroma - Looks like Terry also wants to get a book autographed by Princess Chroma! 10-12-2014
- The Demon Archives - Off course you will find a Blitz Phoenix comic lying around on the floor in place like this! 15-06-2015

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